WFSBP History

Defining moments

24 September 1974, Buenos Aires

Prof. Edmund Fisher opened the 1st WFSBP Congress with the following speech:

"In the name of the Executive Committee of the First World Congress of Biological Psychiatry, we wish to send a message to all biological psychiatrists and specialists of allied disciplines throughout the world   expressing our pleasure which is based on two fundamental factors.

Firstly, that this event brings together for the first time, biological psychiatrists from the four corners of the Earth, and secondly, because, during the Congress, an Assembly will be held which will achieve the purpose for which so many of us have been working for many years ..."

27 September 1974, Buenos Aires

During the General Assembly the World Federation of Biological Psychiatry (WFBP) was founded.

1981, Stockholm

The name WFSBP came up.

Current WFSBP Past president

2015 – 2017

Constantin R. Soldatos
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 WFSBP Past and honorary presidents

2009 - 2013:

Florence Thibaut (France)
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2005 - 2009: 
Siegfried Kasper (Austria)
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2001 - 2005: 
Carlos Roberto Hojaij (Australia)
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1997 - 2001: 
Hans-Jürgen Möller (Germany)
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1991 - 1997: 
Jorge Ciprian-Ollivier (Argentina)
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1985 - 1991: 
Tetsuo Fukuda (Japan)

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1981 - 1985: 
Charles Shagass (USA)
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1978 - 1981: 
Carlo Perris (Sweden)
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1975 - 1978: 
Juan Obiols (Spain)
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1974 - 1975: 
Edmund Fisher (Argentina)
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