WFSBP provides two types of membership:

Membership through national societies

As a Federation, WFSBP has as members national societies of Biological Psychiatry. Should you wish to become a WFSBP member, please review the list of Presidents whose society is affiliated to the Federation to be registered through the appropriate society in your country.

Membership fee through national societies: 10,00 € p.a.

Individual membership

The WFSBP Constitution also allows for individual memberships in the countries where no society of Biological Psychiatry is affiliated to the federation. Should you wish to become a WFSBP individual member, please complete the application form individual membership and return it – together with your CV – to the WFSBP Global Headquarters.

Individual membership fee: 12,50 € p.a.

Please feel free to contact us  for any additional information you may require in regards with membership.

WFSBP looks forward to welcoming you into the world-wide network of Biological Psychiatry!