WFSBP President´s Message 2015

Masatoshi Takeda

Message from President of WFSBP (2015-2019)

Masatoshi Takeda MC, PhD

Dear Presidents of national societies and colleagues,

It is my great pleasure and honor to write the first message as the President of WFSBP to 4,000 members in over 70 countries.

Founded in 1974, World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) has grown up to be the academic organization representing an international network of opinion leaders active in biological psychiatry with the leadership of prominent past presidents, including Hans-Juergen Moeller, Germany (1997-2001), Carlos Roberto Hojaij, Australia (2001-2005), Siegfried Kasper, Austria (2005-2009), Florence Thibaut, France (2009-2013), and Constantin R. Soldatos, Greece (2013-2015).

In the General Assembly (GA) of WFSBP during the 12th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry in Athens in June 2015, I had the honor to succeed the responsibility of the President of WFSBP from Prof. Constantin R. Soldatos and the new Executive Committee (EC) of the term 2015-2017 was officially formed:

With Masatoshi Takeda (Japan) as President; Professor Tudor Udristoiu (Romania) as Vice President, Professor Lakshmi Yatham (Canada) as Secretary; Professor Martin Hatzinger (Switzerland) as Treasurer; Professor Ladislav Hosak (Czech Republic) as Vice-Secretary; Dr. Victoria Valdez (Ecuador) as Vice-Treasurer; and Professor Constantin R. Soldatos (Greece) as Past President.

With these talented professionals from countries geographically well-balanced distribution in the globe, I am sure the new EC will be able to contribute significantly to the development of biological psychiatry in coming years.

As most of you may know that the new Constitution of WFSBP had been ratified in Prague and is being enacted in Kyoto. This is the first EC approved after the installation of our new Constitution. Main goal of the constitutional changes is to secure continuity and stability within the leadership of WFSBP, based on a two-year term of the past president followed by a separate two-year term of the president-elect during the regular four-year period of a given EC.

So the present EC has Professor Constantin R. Soldatos as the Past President to take advantage of his knowledge, skills, and experience.

1) to foster and encourage scientific research and advancement in biological psychiatry,
2) to improve the quality of training spanning all field of biological psychiatry,
3) to promote education to achieve the highest level of knowledge and understanding in biological psychiatry,
4) to provide information and guidance to all societies and individuals with an interest in biological psychiatry, and
5) to establish, build, and maintain solid collaboration with international and national organizations related to biological psychiatry.

Recently, more and more professionals choose to join in the field of biological psychiatry, and we can see the bright future of biological psychiatry, which will be the main stream in psychiatry to help patients and families with psychiatric and mental disorders in the world.

The new EC will do our best to achieve the above objectives during our term, and we would like to call for your input and collaboration for the development of WFSBP.

With my best wishes

Professor Masatoshi Takeda

WFSBP President